Zero hours contracts will not be banned

Zero hours contracts will not be banned . The government is proposing changes to the contracts, which do not guarantee a fixed number of hours to workers, so that exclusivity clauses which prevent zero hours workers from having more than one employer will be outlawed. It is thought that a ban on exclusivity clauses will benefit around 125,000 workers locked into working solely for their employer on a zero hours arrangement.

The move follows months of controversy around zero hours arrangements with unions calling for an outright ban of contracts that make financial planning impossible for workers. The announcement is good news for employers who need a flexible workforce to deal with peaks and troughs in workload and also offers flexible working opportunities for many students, older people and carers who are unable to commit to work on a regular ongoing basis.

If you currently have workers who are employed on this sort of a basis, you should review their contract to ensure that there are no unfair exclusivity clauses, although the law may not be introduced for some time.