Is National Sickie Day affecting your business?

By 21/02/2017Uncategorized

Dull weather, a winter cold, and a weekend hangover makes today (the first Monday in February) National Sickie Day i.e. the worst day of the year for employee absenteeism. According to figures from ELAS, absences from work throughout the year will cost the British economy an approximate £34 billion – and today is a big contributor to that figure.

In the true spirit of National Sickie Day, here are the top 10 worst excuses for absence (Collated by ELAS in 2016):
• It’s my dogs’ birthday and I need to arrange a party for him
• My friend is on annual leave so I can’t get a lift
• I got arrested
• I lost my PPE
• I’m too drunk to drive
• My only pair of work trousers is in the wash
• I stayed out too late partying last night and haven’t had any sleep
• The dog ate my shoes
• My wife earns more than me so I have to look after the kids
• I have no way to get to work

They may all sound weird and wonderful but each is a genuine excuse for not turning up to work.
Accountancy firm PwC published stats earlier this year that reveal the average Briton takes 9.1 days off sick a year. Absenteeism puts a huge strain on business operations, finances and office morale – and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

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