Getting It Wrong

Nearly all companies treat their employees fairly however, below are just a couple of examples of what could happen to you if you did not do the right things.

£15,000 paid out for “Sick Lie”

A painter and decorator, signed off for several weeks with stress and depression by his company, took a job with another company. He was sacked, after a hearing which he failed to attend, for gross misconduct in claiming fraudulent sick pay. An employment tribunal ruled on a technicality that he had been unfairly dismissed. His employers had not followed the correct procedures in dismissing him. The company is also facing a bill of more than £5 000 for legal costs.

Female mechanic sues company for sex discrimination and is awarded £220,000

A maintenance manager sued the rail company she worked for after she was demoted and denied work in favour of her less-experienced male colleague. She had worked in the industry for 14 years but lost one position to a man with just 18 months experience. She was awarded more than 220,000 after a tribunal ruled she had been the victim of sex discrimination because her employer had failed to follow agreed procedure and had discriminated against her.