Our HR Packages

The HR Experts (UK) Ltd bespoke our service to our clients’ needs and are able to offer different packages to suit specific requirements at very competitive prices.

HR Audit

We can provide a HR audit which involves a full review of your HR process and procedures. You will be provided with an in-depth report of our findings with a full list of recommendations. By having the audit will provide you with a “to do” list that will be in order of both legal compliance and business priority.

HR Support Retainer Package

This package includes unlimited telephone and email advice, access to template HR documents, annual HR strategy review, quarterly newsletter and annual customer service review

Contract of Employment and Handbook Review

A review of your current contracts of employment and handbook including populating the documents for each staff member as well as help and guidance on rolling out the documents to ensure a smooth implementation.

HR Policy and Procedure Review

A review of all your current HR policies and procedures including introduction of step by step manager guides to help deal with the HR process of those procedures.

Ad Hoc User

If you do not want to be tied into a HR support retainer package we also have the option for you to become an Ad Hoc user which means you just use us as and when required.

Project Work

we are often asked to conduct specific project work particularly for the larger organisation that is looking to bring in extra HR resource to help with large projects such as pay and reward reviews or to help with a large redundancy/restructure situation.

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